GKD Hook 1000 gram container desiccant to prevent mold or clumping

Deploy GKD Hook 1000 gram container desiccant to prevent mold or clumping when transported in 40ft. Containers of flour or milk powder. The absorption capacity of the GKH Hook 1000 grams is 3.6 liters of water. The GKD Hook 1000 is equipped with a handy suspension hook and therefore easy to hang in sea containers. Your logistics employees are therefore able to place the container with desiccants within 2 minutes. GKH container desiccant is free of leaking. The absorbed moisture changes the structure of the material from solid form into a kind of jelly. This container desiccant is 100% food safe and can be used worldwide for food transport in 40ft. container. A transport time of 45 days is no exception by sea. The Container desiccants have a recording time of at least 45 days. This makes the cargo safe for moisture damage over a period of more than 6 ½ weeks during transport by sea. This period is sufficient to transport any kind of product by sea absolutely dry and without moisture damage. If you would like more information about container desiccants such as the GKH Hook 1000, do not hesitate to contact us.

Container desiccant Hook 1000gr

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