DDC has an impressive list of clients, including all top manufacturers of food supplements. DDC is proud to be a constructive, consistent and reliable partner to these clients. The desiccants sector is subject to high standards and strict quality requirements. DDC not only meets these standards but also strives to exceed them in order to develop a long-term relationship with each of its clients.



Condensation, mould and especially rust must be avoided at all costs in this sector. With our desiccants, we can guarantee moisture-free transport and storage.

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Desiccants are used to help preserve the quality of food products, extend their shelf life and prevent moulding. They also help prevent moisture absorption by products that must remain crunchy.

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By placing dust-free desiccants inside the crates, we keep the products moisture- and dust-free during transport and storage.

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Desiccants are often used along road- and railways; for example, inside the power cabinets along railways.

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Damage to airplane components during transport leads to delays, high costs and even safety risks. Airlines therefore impose strict requirements on the transport of their components.

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Medication should be stored under dry, cool and preferably dark conditions. The combination of light, heat and moisture allows bacteria and fungi to thrive and causes the medication to spoil.

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In the transport sector, all sectors that use our products come together: defence, food, industry, infrastructure, aviation and pharmaceutical. In all cases, moisture damage to the cargo has to be prevented.

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