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01 Application

The desiccants are used to help preserve the quality of food products, extend their shelf life and prevent moulding. They also help prevent moisture absorption by products that must remain crunchy, such as cookies, crackers and toast. Let’s not forget about the animal feed sector, either: pets love crunchy kibble as well.

The shelf life of bread is extended sixfold
Bakeries used our oxygen absorbers on a roll. They have an adhesive on one side, with which they can be placed on the inside of the packaging underneath the printing. Although consumers cannot see them, they work perfectly just the same. Within an hour, the oxygen level inside the packaging will drop to 0.05%, extending the product’s shelf life from five to thirty days.

Desiccants in the food industry require tailor-made solutions
There is always a perfect solution for use in the food industry. No two solutions are the same, however. For example, we have to calculate how much moisture the desiccant must absorb – without affecting the quality of the product itself, of course, because no one wants dried-out food. That is why we offer desiccants with various capacities, ranging from 35 to 2,000 millilitres.

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02 Products

We primarily deliver Silica Gel Tyvek and ATCO Oxygen Absorbers to the food sector. It goes without saying that the desiccants used in this sector have to meet strict requirements. Our products meet the requirements of the EC 1935/2004 and EC 450/2009 standards. These are European standards for products that come into contact with food. Our products are used for the transport of e.g. meat products, patisserie, chocolate, pancakes, tortillas and nori sheets.


Silica Gel Tyvek desiccants

DDC offers a full line of silica gel desiccants for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Our Silica Gel Tyvek bags are FDA approved and meet the requirements of EU regulations EC 1935/2004 and EC 450/2009.
Silica gel desiccant bags in the tyvec version are food grade.
These silica gel desiccant are dust proof and suitable for moisture protection of e.g. cereal products.
Foodsupplement producers always use tyvec sachets with silica gel to protect products agains moisture or mold problems.


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Oxygen Absorber

ATCO Oxygen Absorbers absorb excess moisture and oxygen. This helps extend the shelf life of products.

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