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01 Application

In the industrial sector, we mostly use DIN Dry and/or Silica Gel Paper to prevent moisture problems and rust. This concerns the prevention of moisture problems in electronics, circuit boards, filaments for 3D printers, steel and other metals. We only use the dust-proof product variants for these purposes, because the combination of dust and (especially) electronics is not a good one. The dust affects the electronics’ correct operation. Furthermore, the buyer or recipient will not be happy to see a layer of dust all over their product upon reception. By placing dust-free desiccants inside the crates, we keep the products moisture- and dust-free during transport and storage.

Desiccants in the automotive industry
The automotive sector also uses DIN dry. Because of the dust-proof cover of the desiccants, neither dust nor moisture can affect the electronics and other components of a car.

Desiccants in the windmill industry
There are usually several months between a windmill’s installation and commissioning. During that time, the inside of the foot can become moist, because there is no air circulation while the windmill is not operational. We therefore place container desiccants inside the foot.

The result? The foot stays dry and free of mould. The desiccant eliminates the need to clean the foot, which is difficult to do at sea because it requires fresh water. Using the desiccant therefore saves a ton of time and money. We have already used our desiccants with great success in the Irish Sea and along the British and Dutch coastlines.

The dairy industry uses desiccants as well
After milking their cows, farmers store the milk in large stainless-steel milk cooling tanks. Special equipment is used to measure e.g. the temperature, the contents of the tank and the progress of the stirring process. Since the tank is placed outside, the measuring equipment is vulnerable. For that reason, the desiccant (DIN) placed near the equipment is periodically replaced when the tanks are serviced.

02 Products

In the industrial sector, Din Dry and/or Silica Gel Paper are primarily used. We only use the dust-proof product variants for these purposes, because the combination of dust and (especially) electronics is not a good one. We also provide a wide range of tailor-made solutions to the industrial sector. For example, container desiccants are commonly used as well.


Silica Gel Paper desiccants

Protect your products against moisture and condensation during storage, transport and inside their packaging. Silica gel non-food desiccant bags offer a wide range of possible applications.
To prevent electrical damage, corosion, mould, mildew stains or bad odours from occurring inside the packaging, so-called inbox desiccants are used.

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DIN Bentonite desiccants bag

DDC - DIN 554473

Din desiccants bags from DDC are suitable for use in industrial and military environments. This all-natural product is made from dried clay. DIN desiccants features a dust-proof packaging.

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Container Desiccants

Ten percent of all products that are shipped in containers are rejected due to moisture-related damage.
GKH Container Desiccants provide moisture-free transport overseas.
Container desiccants ensure your shipment arrives at its destination dry and undamaged.
Moisture free transport in 20ft or 40ft see-containers?
Use container desiccants from GKH.

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