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01 Application

Desiccants are often used along road- and railways. For example, inside the power cabinets along railways. The circuit boards and electronics within are extremely sensitive to rain and condensation. When these components become wet, it can cause a short circuit, which temporarily prevents all train traffic on the track.

Security cameras and licence plate recognition
We place silica gel on the inside of the cameras’ casing. The desiccant is put there to extract residual moisture, because the casing itself is airtight. The silica gel therefore does not have to be replaced.

The equipment used for licence plate recognition in parking structures also includes our desiccants. These are placed inside the equipment with the help of a one-sided adhesive layer.

02 Products

In the infrastructural sector, various desiccants are used to prevent moisture-related problems. In most cases, silica gel offers the ideal solution.


Silica gel

Silica gel is a natural desiccant: it absorbs water vapour and retains it. As a result, the possible applications of silica gel granules are virtually limitless. Silica gel is therefore used in a wide range of products.

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