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Damage to airplane components during transport leads to delays, high costs and even safety risks. Airlines therefore impose strict requirements on the transport of their components. This includes the prevention of moisture-related problems. That is the key reason why the aviation industry uses our desiccants.

Dismantling airplanes
It happens all over the world, including at Twente Airport: the dismantling of airplanes. Components are repaired and sold and the rest is recycled. Especially during the transport and storage of reusable components, it is important to keep them dry.

An airplane’s cargo hold is a cool environment. If there is insufficient ventilation, condensation can quickly occur. Producers or transporters therefore place desiccants inside cargo crates, to ensure the contents stay dry.

02 Products

The transport of airplane components is subject to strict requirements. Din Dry offers the perfect solution to prevent moisture-related problems.

DIN Bentonite desiccants bag

DDC - DIN 554473

Din desiccants bags from DDC are suitable for use in industrial and military environments. This all-natural product is made from dried clay. DIN desiccants features a dust-proof packaging.

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