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01 Application

Almost all medication packagings advise users to store their medication in a dry, cool and preferably dark place. The combination of light, heat and moisture allows bacteria and fungi to thrive and causes the medication to spoil. Of course, this affects the effectiveness of the medication.

Our desiccants are inert: they do not interact with the chemically active substances in the medication itself.

Food supplements
Protein and other shake powders will form clumps when they are moist. We therefore place a desiccant inside the packaging’s lid. Since the desiccant is safe for use in the food sector, the consumer can leave the desiccant inside the packaging after opening the product.

02 Products

To prevent moisture-related problems in the pharmaceutical sector, Silica Gel Tyvek and Silica Gel Canisters are most commonly used.


Silica Gel Canisters

DDC offers a full range of canisters and capsules that are used in the (pharmaceutical) industry. These canisters and capsules are used to control moisture, odours and other volatile substances.

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Silica Gel Tyvek desiccants

DDC offers a full line of silica gel desiccants for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Our Silica Gel Tyvek bags are FDA approved and meet the requirements of EU regulations EC 1935/2004 and EC 450/2009.
Silica gel desiccant bags in the tyvec version are food grade.
These silica gel desiccant are dust proof and suitable for moisture protection of e.g. cereal products.
Foodsupplement producers always use tyvec sachets with silica gel to protect products agains moisture or mold problems.


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