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In the transport sector, all sectors that use our products come together: defence, food, industry, infrastructure, aviation and pharmaceutical. In all cases, moisture damage to the cargo has to be prevented. Container rain is usually the main cause of this issue, although temperature fluctuations can also result in condensation and moulding.

Our container desiccants prevent moisture damage during transport and ensure the transport company or the sender has no unnecessary costs due to lost or damaged cargo. Circa ten percent of all damage in the transport sector is caused by moisture.

What causes container rain or container sweat?
Containers are exposed to major temperature differences, especially when they are being transported overseas across large distances. The differences between climate zones and between day- and night-time temperatures can be as high as 50 or 60 degrees. The moist, warm air inside the container rises during the day and then cools again at night, causing the cooler air to release its moisture. This causes container rain, a process during which water droplets fall from the container’s ceiling onto the cargo. This is a major problem during overseas transport and it causes three to four billion euros’ worth of damage every year. The problem can easily be prevented by using strong container desiccants.

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Container desiccants are used to prevent moisture-related problems and offer a solution to container rain in the transport sector.


Container Desiccants

Ten percent of all products that are shipped in containers are rejected due to moisture-related damage.
GKH Container Desiccants provide moisture-free transport overseas.
Container desiccants ensure your shipment arrives at its destination dry and undamaged.
Moisture free transport in 20ft or 40ft see-containers?
Use container desiccants from GKH.

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