All our products are in stock. This enables us to deliver orders within 24 hours and ensures you do not have to maintain a large inventory. Our affordable top-quality desiccants enable you to generate more profit by effectively limiting moisture damage.

DIN Bentonite desiccants bag

DDC - DIN 554473

Din desiccants bags from DDC are suitable for use in industrial and military environments. This all-natural product is made from dried clay. DIN desiccants features a dust-proof packaging.

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Oxygen Absorber

ATCO Oxygen Absorbers absorb excess moisture and oxygen. This helps extend the shelf life of products.

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Container Desiccants

Ten percent of all products that are shipped in containers are rejected due to moisture-related damage.
GKH Container Desiccants provide moisture-free transport overseas.
Container desiccants ensure your shipment arrives at its destination dry and undamaged.
Moisture free transport in 20ft or 40ft see-containers?
Use container desiccants from GKH.

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Silica gel

Silica gel is a natural desiccant: it absorbs water vapour and retains it. As a result, the possible applications of silica gel granules are virtually limitless. Silica gel is therefore used in a wide range of products.

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Consumer desiccants

DDC Desiccants are special consumer products for the consumer market. Our 4Dry reusable desiccants for e.g. your car, caravan, bathroom, attic, shed and even your safe. 

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