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4DRY Car Dehumidifier

Prevent moisture problems, fogged windows or condensation in your car by placing the 4DRY car dehumidifier in your car during humid times.

The 4DRY works like a sponge, absorbing moisture up to 800ml. and is reusable.

Moisture in the car and fogged windows are now a thing of the past by leaving the dehumidification of your car to the 4DRY dehumidifier for cars.

The moisture absorber that is absolutely leak-proof and can be regenerated in the microwave. 4DRY is a 100% natural product and is produced in Europe.

4DRY dehumidifiers help against fogged windows, mould, electronics damage, rust, mildew stains and musty smells.

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Prevent condensation and fogged up car windows?

The 4DRY car dehumidifier is the ideal remedy against fogged up windows and therefore the moisture absorber to prevent moisture problems in cars. 4DRY dehumidifier prevents condensation, fogged up windows, mould and musty smells in your car. It is easy to use and reusable by regeneration in the microwave. The 4DRY Auto-Dehumidifier does not leak, does not feel damp and is also tear-resistant and dust-proof. The 4DRY Auto-Dehumidifier prevents fogged up windows, condensation, moisture or mould.

Also very suitable for other spaces, such as in the caravan, camper, boat, cellar, closet etc.

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02 Technical information

The 4DRY Car Dehumidifier


  • dimensions: 29 x 15 x 3 cm
  • weighs 1 kg
  • absorption capacity of up to 800 ml of moisture
  • regenerable in the microwave
  • consists of a natural product
  • instructions are included with the product
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4DRY Car Dehumidifier
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