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4DRY Shoe Dehumidifier

Put the 4DRY Shoes fragrance and dehumidifier in your (sports) shoes, sneakers, boots or e.g. boxing gloves and they are nice and fresh and dry the next morning. The active bentonite in the  4 DRY bag absorbs as much unsavory odors, sweat and moisture as possible.

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01 Applications

The 4DRY Shoes dehumidifier refresh your shoes. Bentonite has small pores that act like a sponge. Moisture and unsavory odors are effectively absorbed. 4DRY Shoes contains no chemicals and artificial fragrances. Mold develops in wet shoes over time. Prevent mold, use 4DRY Shoes.

  • In 1 to 2 nights your shoes will be fresh, dry and wearable again.
  • Absorbs unsavory odors. Sweat and moisture are absorbed.
  • Your shoes stay in shape.
  • Reactivate in the microwave.
  • Contains 100% natural bentonite.
  • 4DRY Shoes contain no chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Easy to use, ideal for travel
The 4DRY Shoes are easy to use. Put the bags in your (wet) shoes and they will be fresh and dry within 1-2 days! The bags are also ideal for when you go on holiday. Tip: put the bags in an extra pair of shoes when you travel. This saves space.

Suitable for more than just shoes
The 4DRY Shoes odor and moisture absorber is suitable for sports shoes, sneakers, leather shoes, work shoes, boots, skates, boxing or e.g. baseball gloves. You can also use the 4DRY Shoes for other items that you want to dry or refresh. Such as slippers, (boxing) gloves, sports bags and backpacks.

02 Technical information

The 4DRY Shoe Dehumidifier has the following features:
Dimension: 80x140mm
Weight: 2x135g

Can be regenerated in the microwave. Instructions for use included with the product.

Environmentally friendly
Bentonite is a natural product. After using the 4DRY Shoes many times, you can simply scatter the contents in your garden.

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4DRY Shoe Dehumidifier
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