Container Desiccants

Ten percent of all products that are shipped in containers are rejected due to moisture-related damage.
GKH Container Desiccants provide moisture-free transport overseas.
Container desiccants ensure your shipment arrives at its destination dry and undamaged.
Moisture free transport in 20ft or 40ft see-containers?
Use container desiccants from GKH.

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Container desiccants are available in different variants

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01 Applications

GKH container desiccants reduce the risk of transport damage or the damage prolonged storage.

Container desiccants protect due to moisture agains:

  • Container rain
  • Moisture damage
  • Rust
  • Moulding
  • Corrosion
  • Mold
  • Softened cartons
  • detached labels

The absorbed air humidity is immediately bound as a gel by the starch contained, thus preventing water from escaping from the bags.

02 Technical information

GKD desiccants ensure moisture-free transport by sea and ensure that your cargo arrives dry and damage-free on land. Our container desiccants have a high absorption capacity. This means: we have offer the perfect protect solution for sea freight in your 20ft or 40ft container.

GKD container desiccants are of high quality. The back consists of a permeable Tyvec membrane, but does not release the moisture after this. This means a high absorption capacity of approx. 360% because of the Tyvec membrane. The product is 100% leak free. Thanks to the diffusion-resistant foil on the back, all variants, in contrast to other brands, can also be placed on the goods when there is no possibility to hang the GKD container desiccants.

It prevents the formation of condensation and container rain because they protect your products from moisture, rust and mold. The GKD container desiccants are available in various versions. Container desiccant from GKD is the best desiccant for protection and transporting your cargo by land and sea.

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05 Products
GKD Single 125 grams
Hook 600 grams
Container desiccant Hook 1000gr
GKD Container droogmiddel in de vorm van een deken.
GKD Blanket 2.000 gram
4Dry Cargo Pole

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