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Container Desiccants

Container desiccant Hook 1000gr

The operation of this container desiccant is based on the proven ability of calcium chloride in combination with starch to absorb moisture from the environment very well and to convert it into a gel.

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GKD Gel Strips Hook are "MADE IN EUROPE"

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01 Applications

Container transport is mainly by sea and this results in sudden climate changes that occur during maritime transport. This results in high percentages of humidity and condensation inside the container. As a result, the cargo may be damaged. To properly protect your container products, you can use these gel tips with hook. The so called bag-type absorbers.

Our GKD container desiccants are manufactured with environmentally friendly materials.
The effective solution to prevent moisture and condensation problems in all types of containerised goods, such as rice, coffee, cocoa, flour, pepper, milk powder, nuts, spices, PVC paste, machinery, household appliances, electronics, textiles, glass, detergents and many more.

02 Technical information

Dimension: 740 x 150 x 20mm +hook (With protective cover)
Dimension: 1.480 x 150 x 20mm +hook (Without protection cover)
Weight: 1,000 g
Absorbtion capacity: 3.6 litres

Quantity per 20ft container: 6 pieces
Quantity per 40ft container: 12 pieces

(also available in 600 gram version)



Absorption capacity: 360% of its own weight
Duration of use:
Between 55 and 60 days.
Type of bag: Tyvek with hanging hook.
Packaging: Gel line desiccants are protected in 300 micron plastic bag and in cardboard boxes, improving the storage conditions in our customers’ warehouses.
Shelf life: Two years

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Container desiccant Hook 1000gr
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