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Oxygen Absorber

ATCO Oxygen Absorbers absorb excess moisture and oxygen. This helps extend the shelf life of products.

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DDC offers a variety of Oxygen Absorbers. Our oxygen absorber sizes are based on the size of package and the residual air inside.

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01 Applications

ATCO Oxygen Absorbers can be used in a wide variety of environments. We offer solutions for e.g.:

  • Consumer packagings
  • Gas-flush packagings
  • Medical equipment
  • Food products
  • Pharmaceutical products
02 Technical information

Oxygen-absorbing products such as the ATCO Oxygen Absorbers are added to reduce the oxygen level inside the packaging. They are used to maintain product safety and extend its shelf life. There are many types of oxygen-absorbing products that are suitable for a wide range of applications. The components of the Oxygen Absorbers vary depending on the intended use, the amount of moisture present inside the product and other factors. Oxygen Absorbers are used for the absorption of excess oxygen.

When you take the Oxygen Absorber out of the packaging, the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere will penetrate the particles inside the absorber sachet. Generally speaking, the surrounding atmosphere must have a relative humidity of at least 65% to allow the Oxygen Absorber to function properly. Lowering the residual oxygen level inside a packaging not only improves the product’s shelf life, but also offers additional benefits with regard to the product’s scent, colour and flavour. Food products that have been stored in an environment with a lower oxygen content will smell and taste better and look more appealing to consumers.

Product Overview Oxygen Absorbers

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