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Silica gel

Silica Gel Bulk

Separate silica gel granules are available without indicator (white) and with indicator (orange). These granules do not contain any heavy metals as indicator and are 100% free of DMF (dimethyl fumarate).

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01 Applications

Silica gel bulk has a range of possible applications:

  • Industrial solutions
  • Relative humidity buffer (RH buffer)
  • Filtration systems
  • Electronic equipment
  • Making dried flowers
  • Ozone filters
  • Air dehumidifiers
  • Etc.
02 Technical information

Silica Gel Bulk orange features a moisture indicator.

When the moisture percentage exceeds 20% RH, the granules will turn from orange to green/blue.

When the silica gel is saturated and has attained a green/blue colour, the granules can be heated (up to a maximum temperature of 80 °C; higher temperatures than that would destroy the silica gel granules) until they have turned orange once more. In this manner, the silica gel granules can be reused.

The orange silica gel is environmentally friendly and harmless. The gel does not contain any heavy metals as indicator and is free of DMF (dimethyl fumarate). This distinguishes our products from the blue silica gel that we do not sell because it contains cobalt.

Product Overview Silica Gel Bulk

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Silica Gel Bulk
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