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Silica gel

Silica Gel Canisters

DDC offers a full range of canisters and capsules that are used in the (pharmaceutical) industry. These canisters and capsules are used to control moisture, odours and other volatile substances.

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01 Applications

Silica Gel Canisters are primarily suited for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Silica Gel Canisters are the standard for pharmaceutical packaging lines. They are added in high-speed filling lines.

02 Technical information

The canister capsules are drop-in desiccant products in capsules designed for pharmaceutical packagings.

The advantages are:

– Excellent performances
– Long lifespan
– Patient safety
– Easy integration in the production process

The innovative design of the canister capsules provides effective 360° moisture absorption, regardless of the product’s position in the package. Furthermore, the capsule’s effectiveness stays the same whether it is placed on the container wall or on the floor.

The canister capsules are filled with spherical silica gel or molecular sieves, which means they are free of dust.

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Silica Gel Canisters
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