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At Rys Beer & Beverages we focus on the delivery of European beer & drinks to countries all over the world. Currently we deliver to countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and South America.

We support brand owners to market their products internationally. We have extensive expertise and knowledge of brand regulation in various destinations.

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The question of Rys beer & beverages

Various problems can arise during transport that affect the quality of the goods and packaging. Think of outer boxes with water damage, labels that have soaked loose, rust formation on the crown caps, etc.

Rys Beer & Beverages strives for the highest possible quality of their products and therefore asked DDC to overcome these problems. This includes damage due to moisture, rust, and mold.

Our solution

To prevent condensation and container rain from forming and to protect the products against moisture, rust, and mold, it is important that the humidity in the containers remains as low as possible during transport. Cargosorb blankets are used for this. These blankets have a high absorption capacity and are easy to apply in the containers. This keeps the humidity as low as possible and the products remain in good condition. This prevents the delivered products from being rejected or returned.

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